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Which Side?

There are two kingdoms. One against God and one with God. Our fight is not against flesh and blood. The battle is not against the one you are angry with, the one who hurt you, the one who betrayed, rejected, slandered, cursed, or accused you. Your battle is against the dark one who desires you to fail and wants to bind your soul with fear, doubt, and unbelief. When we come into agreement with the wrong kingdom, knowingly or unknowingly, the result is destruction. What you do, how you handle yourself, and what you speak has the power of life or death. Choose empowerment. Choose deliverance. Choose LIFE.

Ask yourself...Who are you fighting against? Who are you fighting for?

Declare this over your life:

I am supernaturally infused with strength through my union with the Lord Jesus. I stand victorious with the force of His explosive power flowing in and through me. I am a soldier for the kingdom of God.

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