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Place of Knowing

I believe knowing who we are in the One who created us is the most powerful and successful thing we can do. Settling in your past destructive ways, thinking you will be that way till your last breath is a lie. I believed that lie and unknowingly agreed with it until I realized that there was more to life. I vividly remember the day my soul awoke to the realization that I had a kink in my belief system. I wept for days because the moment this happened was the same moment that I encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time. My heart opened wide and I felt whole. In that moment, God mended my broken heart. From this place of knowing, my greatest passion for others to feel the same came alive. From the depth of my soul, I desire others to know the love of God and to walk FULLY in their identity to propel them to discover who they were created to be. To be fearlessly, boldy, and courageously YOU. You and I were never supposed to settle for anything other than to be extraordinarily free in the fullness of who we are created to be!

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