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Watch for Foxes

There has been a rebuilding in lives through intimacy, prayer, and partnership with Abba. Walls have come down that were put up wrongly due to lies, religion, unforgiveness, disappointment, and frustration in relationships. There has been a spirit of mockery that is being thrown in the face of the builders who have been rebuilding with love, forgiveness, kindness, and authenticity. As we rebuild on the foundation of the kingdom, we must be on guard for the foxes. Foxes like to chew at roots. They are sly, cunning, crafty, and bring trouble. When you are aware of the plot of the enemy, you can be wise and alert to not be a part of it. Be on guard to the trickery of the seemingly small things that cause massive dissention. You have come too far to allow your progress to be shaken. Be open to communication, ask for forgiveness when needed, and be willing to forgive quickly. Fight for your families, your sons and daughters, your wives and husbands, and your home.

Nehemiah 4

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