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Love is Greater than Offense

What if you continued to keep your heart in a place that promotes reconciliation, unity, and forgiveness? There is so much freedom when you intentionally keep your heart in this place. Do not be fooled to think holding on to offense gives you control of a situation. There is not freedom in control. Everyone has experience being offended and everyone has offended another person whether or not they intended. Even if something has good intention, we may not know the posture of someones heart and whether our words will be negatively interpreted and offense taken. We have the power of life and death in our words. It only takes a little leaven to spoil bread, just as only a little unforgiveness will harden your heart. If not dealt with, offense can quickly become bitterness, resentment, and frustration. It is a trap used by the enemy to take us down an unnecessary spiral. We need to understand that we have the power through the Holy Spirit to release offense and not allow it to cause disunity. We have the authority to call dead things to come ALIVE. We are alive, alive to live out every day to the fullest in a life giving way. In Christ, there is enough love to remove the stronghold of offense. Forgiveness will unlock your destiny and results in freedom from bondage. We may forgive because Christ forgave us first.

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